Wine 是一个在 Linux 下运行 Windows 应用程序的软件环境,其核心是一个 Windows 应用程序接口(API)库,作为 Linux 和 Windows 程序之间的桥梁。Wine 的官网是:。

Wine 安装包里的描述:
While Wine is usually thought of as a Windows(TM) emulator, the Wine
: developers would prefer that users thought of Wine as a Windows
: compatibility layer for UNIX. This package includes a program loader,
: which allows unmodified Windows 3.x/9x/NT binaries to run on x86 and x86_64
: Unixes. Wine does not require MS Windows, but it can use native system
: .dll files if they are available.
: The wine package is actually a meta-package which will install everything
: you need for wine to work smoothly. If you don't want to install everything
: take a look at the wine-* packages.

Wine 在 CentOS5.5 里并不是预装的软件包,所以需要先配置 CentOS 的非官方软件源 RPMForge,参见(在 CentOS 5中安装 RPMforge 安装源),然后通过 RPMForge 来安装 Wine。


yum install wine -y

来安装 wine。Wine-1.2-1 安装包大概有 50M 容量。


首先把 Windows/system32 下的 MFC42.dll、msxml.dll、msvcp60.dll、riched20.dll、riched32.dll 等 .dll 文件复制到 ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32 里,再输入命令 winecfg 运行 wine 配置命令。

其实一般不需要再做特别的配置,wine 就能工作了。

还有一点得注意,做完这些以后运行 Windows 程序时,SELinux 可能会弹出阻止窗口。我们用下面的方法禁用 SELinux:

用文本编辑器编辑 /etc/sysconfig/selinux 文件,把 SELINUX=enforcing 变为 SELINUX=disabled,关闭 SELinux,存盘退出,重启系统。

运行 Windows 程序的方法:

拷贝 Windows 程序(例如 Ueit32.exe)到 ContOS 下的某文件夹下,运行命令:

wine Ueit32.exe

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