Apache and IIS are the most common web servers in use today, but they are far from alone. There is a huge amount of web server software out there, both free and commercial.
In this article we present four popular alternative web servers: Lighttpd, Nginx, LiteSpeed and Zeus. The first two are free and open source while the other two are commercial, closed-source alternatives. What they all have in common is that they focus on high performance.
本文我们介绍四种最受欢迎的Web服务器: Lighttpd, Nginx, LiteSpeed 和 Zeus。 前两个都是免费且开源的,而另两种都是商业的,闭源的。它们的共同点在于都着重于高性能上。
We will also take a look at how many websites are actually using these web servers.
But first a brief presentation of each of one:

Brief info: Pronounced “Lighty”, Lighttpd is as the name implies a small, lightweight web server which has a low memory footprint and light CPU load. Lighttpd is a good alternative to serve static content but it has also gained recognition in the Ruby on Rails and PHP communities.

Lighttpd 的名称暗示小,轻量级web服务器,占用内存小且cpu负荷低。Lighttpd 是服务于静态内容的不错选择。然而它更被公认为是用在Ruby 和 PHP 上。
Used by: Wikimedia (Wikipedia), Sourceforge, YouTube, The Pirate Bay, Meebo, Imageshack, Sendspace, Mininova.
Cost: Free
Open Source: Yes
OS platforms: Linux, freeBSD, Solaris, MacOS X, Windows (under Cygwin)
Homepage: http://www.oschina.net/p/lighttpd

Brief info: Pronounced “engine X”, Nginx is a lightweight web server and reverse proxy. originally written by Igor Sysoev for Rambler.ru (Russia’s second most visited website). Nginx is known for stability and simple configuration in addition to its low resource consumption. It can also act as an IMAP/POP3 proxy.

Nginx 是一款轻量级web服务器和反向代理。最初由Igor Sysoev 编写。它的出名在于其稳定性和简单的配置,除此之外低资源消耗。 还有它可以作为IMAP/POP3协议。
Used by: Yellow Pages, Hulu, Zimbra, the Friends for Sale Facebook app, Rambler, and it also seems that Wordpress.com just started using it instead of LiteSpeed.
Cost: Free
Open Source: Yes
OS platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, MacOS X
Homepage: http://www.oschina.net/p/nginx

Brief info: LiteSpeed is a commercial web server designed specifically for large websites. One of LiteSpeed’s advantages is that it can read Apache configurations directly which makes it easy to integrate with existing products to replace Apache. The server is lightweight and as the name implies very fast.

LiteSpeed 一种被特别设计用作大型网站的商业web服务器。 其中一个优势就是它能直接读取Apache 的配置信息。并轻易将它现有的产品结合在一起来代替Apache 。这种服务器是轻量级的就如它的名字暗示出非常快。
Used by: Wordpress (until recently at least, but now Wordpress.com appears to be using nginx), Twitter, GigaOm, Bravenet.
Cost: Free to $1,299 depending on the edition.
Open Source: No
OS platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, MacOS X
Homepage: http://www.ruanku.com/p/litespeedtech-web-server

Brief info: Zeus web server is a high performance web server. It has received PC Magazine Editors’ Choice award and also the eWeek/PC Magazine Innovation in Infrastructure award. Zeus is a highly flexible enterprise product.

Zeus web server 是一个高性能的web服务器。它曾被PC Magazine Editors’ Choice 授过奖并且eWeek/PC Magazine Innovation 也授予过它奖项。Zeus 是一种高度灵活的企业产品。
Used by: Sony, Telefónica, Virgin media, phpBB.
Cost: $1,700 up to two physical CPUs; $850 per additional CPU.
Open Source: No
OS platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX
Homepage: http://www.ruanku.com/p/zeus-web-server
How many websites are using these web servers?

According to Netcraft, Lighttpd is currently the most common of these four web servers. On April 1, the numbers of websites for each were as follows:
根据Netcraft统计,Lighttpd 是当前这四种服务器中最普遍的。在4月1日统计到的网站数字。
Lighttpd: 1,495,308
Nginx: 1,018,503
LiteSpeed: 668,030
Zeus: 420,477
These positions were not always the same, though. As you can see by the following graph, which shows the numbers from January 2006 to April 2008, the situation has changed significantly over time.

The graph is based on data from Netcraft (their web server survey archives).
The huge leap for Lighttpd in January-March of 2007 is most likely due to one or more web hosting or domain registration companies switching over to Lighttpd either for their regular pages, or for parked pages, or both. If anyone knows what happened there in more detail, please feel free to let us know in the comments.
2007年1月到3月,很可能归咎于一个或多个web服务商或域名注册公司转变使用Lighttpd 。发生了什么如果有人知道的更详细些……
Interestingly, the number of servers using the Zeus web server has remained quite constant over the last two years, and even decreased a little. That said, it is mainly an enterprise solution, so this is perhaps not so surprising.
非常有趣的是,过去两年使用Zeus 作为服务器的数量维持在一个非常恒定的状态。而且减少了一点点。可以说,它主要是针对企业解决方案。所以从这点上是不值得惊讶的。
The two web servers that have been growing the fastest lately are Nginx and LiteSpeed. Nginx recently passed the one-million-websites mark.
Nginx 和 LiteSpeed 这两种服务器增长速度很快。近来Nginx 已经超过了一百万个站点
These numbers of course still pale next to Apache’s roughly 83 million websites, but there is no doubt that these alternative web servers are gaining in popularity. Who knows, one of them may be just right for you?


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